UK Publisher Team17 Opt for VaultN as Technical Distribution Platform

4th June 2024

UK Publisher Team17 Opt for VaultN as Technical Distribution Platform

Smart distribution platform VaultN is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with renowned British video game publisher and developer Team17!

With its smart distribution platform, VaultN enables Team17 to efficiently manage their digital assets and ensure seamless distribution across multiple platforms and regions.

Additionally, the innovative technology will optimises the delivery of game content to connected retailers, ensuring fast and reliable availability for players worldwide.

Team17's significance as a partner lies in its rich gaming legacy spanning over three decades.

With a portfolio that includes beloved franchises such as 'Hell Let Loose', 'Worms', 'Overcooked' and 'The Escapists', Team17 stands as a powerhouse in the gaming world.

Claire Ralley, CCO of VaultN, expressed excitement about the partnership:

"We are thrilled to welcome Team17 to the VaultN family. Their unparalleled expertise and stellar reputation in the gaming industry make them an invaluable partner as we continue to redefine digital distribution."

Charlotte Cook, Global Commercial Director of Team17 also shared her enthusiasm::

"Using VaultN is an exciting opportunity for Team17 to further optimize our digital distribution processes. VaultN's advanced technical layers and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our vision for the future of gaming!"