PQube Sets Sail with 'Republic of Pirates' on Steam & Epic Games

28th May 2024

PQube Sets Sail with 'Republic of Pirates' on Steam & Epic Games

PQube are glad to reveal a new pirate-themed city builder and real-time strategy game, ‘Republic of Pirates’, coming to Steam and Epic Games!

Check out the Gameplay Overview trailer.

Establish a pirate utopia during the Golden Age of Piracy and build your reputation in the Caribbean.

Create a resource-based economy, grow your population, engage in real-time naval combat, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships with rival nations as you search for the ultimate fortune and glory.

      Create a resource-based economy: Utilise over 100 unique buildings to provide resources and infrastructure, upgrade to new industry tiers, and develop your pirate citizens' skills.

      Engage in real-time naval battles: Command a fleet of ships, engage in real-time strategic combat, and utilise the tactical map to plan and execute your next raid.

      Conduct diplomacy: Establish and manage dynamic relationships with pirate clans and trading companies to harbour rivalries and forge alliances.

      Expand your fleet: Construct 8 unique ship classes and customise your fleet’s appearance. Recruit talented captains and hone their skills to unlock new specialisations and combat tactics.

      Undertake missions: Attack settlements, collect bounties, strike trade deals and race against time to fulfil urgent faction requests.

      Flexible gameplay modes: Build a legendary pirate utopia in a narrative-driven campaign with over 30 hours of content or customise your experience in freeplay mode.


To celebrate the upcoming Steam Next Fest, players will be able to get their hands on an exclusive demo created specially for the event, covering the first 3 hours of the main campaign!

Here you’ll establish your first settlement on a remote island in the Caribbean whilst your loyal companion, John Artley, acts as a guide.

John will tutorialise all the major game mechanics and systems, introduce your allies, and keep track of your story-based quests & objectives.

The demo will allow you to:

  • Unlock and build approximately 20 unique buildings.

  • Recruit tier 1 and tier 2 workers and utilise their associated industries and production chains.

  • Unlock and build 2 classes of ship for your fleet.

  • Conquer up to 4 individual islands, each with its own production conditions and rare resources.

This demo will be available to play for a limited time between 7th-17th June 2024!