GDN Announces its First Virtual Networking Week

12th July 2024

GDN Announces its First  Virtual Networking Week

When GDN was launched in November 2023, our goal was to dedicate the first 12 months to establishing a solid base of members, not just in the UK and USA but worldwide.

Just 6 months in, we've exceeded our expectations, boasting 350+ members from 55+ countries, with new companies joining daily.

Due to the impressive and expanding global reach of GDN, we are hosting our first networking event virtually from 2-6 September 2024.

This ensures that ALL members can participate without the constraints of travel and time away from the office.


Building rapport and establishing trust is much easier face-to-face rather than via emails or phone calls, leading to more open and collaborative conversations, which are essential for developing successful partnerships.

‘Seeing’ each other allows for the reading of non-verbal cues and body language, which can improve communication and prevent misunderstandings.


GDN has now launched a bespoke P2P Meeting Manager that allows members to schedule 30-minute business meetings with companies of their choice ahead of the event, with time zones automatically considered.

Members can set their local time zone and then instantly view the schedule of meeting slots. Simply unlock the dates and times that you wish to be available – and yes, you can bulk set your availability to save numerous clicks! Members are completely in charge of their schedules.

The system is all-encompassing and automatically accounts for time zones, ensuring that participants are fully prepared with all the relevant information, including which platform they prefer (Skype, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, WhatsApp, etc).

GDN Founder, Rachel Crawford says “Virtual meetings have changed how we connect, making things way more flexible and convenient. We don't have to travel anymore, which saves us time and money, and people from all over the world can participate easily."

"With GDN now covering over 55 countries, this means everyone can join in, no matter where they are. With features like screen sharing and other interactive tools, virtual meetings keep everyone engaged, making them super useful in today’s digital world.


This is what participants have to say who have participated in Virtual Networking Events in our other networks:

The initiative to have the event scheduled during one week and it being so well organized made it possible to have many effective meetings.” Livo Logistics, Albania

I was very impressed with all I met online, everyone was eager to find out about our company and how we could develop a working relationship.” Curtis and Lees, Ireland

I could reach out and talk to anyone in the world without travelling anywhere.” TransOcean Shipping, Hungary

"“It was just as good as the physical meetings ... just without the after-party. As always, our members are very open and willing to work together, make friendships, and share ideas. Great initiative!" STM Group, Bulgaria

”As we are 'new’ to this network, it was good to introduce our company to many of our partners. Face-to-face interaction is positive and important.” HMGS, Chile

"It is my wish to express my gratitude to Rachel & her team for the great initiative of organizing this high-level event, where despite the distances we were able to 'meet' with many members. For me it was great!" Translogistics Solution, Peru

The Virtual Networking Week is provided free of charge as making connections are vital and GDN aims to provide members with a strong networking platform.

Available to members only. To join GDN, click here.