Exciting New Membership Benefit: GDN Vodcasts

11th June 2024

Exciting New Membership Benefit: GDN Vodcasts

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new membership benefit: the GDN Vodcast!

GDN's new innovative video marketing service.

To launch this new feature, we're proud to present The Master's Pupil, a stunning puzzle game by Pat Naoum Games.

Every element in the game, from backgrounds to assets, have been meticulously hand-painted and then scanned, making it a true work of art.

The Master's Pupil perfectly exemplifies the quality and creativity we aim to showcase on our new GDN YouTube channel, and we believe it is an excellent choice to kick off this initiative.

Watch the Short or Full Interview.

The Master's Pupil is available to buy on Steam, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

All GDN members are invited to apply for the video interview to feature your games. If selected, you'll receive a link to join an informal discussion where we'll explore your game's highlights.

Additionally, we'll need some gameplay footage to include in the video. Once we have all the necessary materials, you can relax while we create a video that will be featured in our new GDN YouTube channel.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your projects and connect with a broader audience of gamers eager to discover new and exciting titles.


Just 6 months in, GDN has exceeded our expectations, boasting 350+ members from 55+ countries, with new companies joining daily. Due to the impressive and expanding global reach of GDN, we are hosting our first networking event virtually from 2-6 September 2024. Read more.