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Date Title Actions
18th July 2024 WN Media Host WN х ChinaJoy International Summit Shanghai'24 view
16th July 2024 We are thrilled to issue our 2nd GDN Vodcast: An Everyday Story view
12th July 2024 PQube Reveal New Gameplay Trailer for 'B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA' view
12th July 2024 GDN Announces its First Virtual Networking Week view
11th July 2024 Unlock Audio Reveal How to Ace Your Game Audio for an Alpha Launch view
9th July 2024 Arcella Sound Proud to Participate in the Guadalajara International Film Festival view
8th July 2024 PQube Shares 'BUSTAFELLOWS Season 2' Planned for 2025 Release view
6th July 2024 Bokensha Collaborate with Chaotic Helleaven for 'Vindictive Drive 2' view
5th July 2024 Sea Monster Collaborate with U.S. Embassy in London on Interactive Novel view
4th July 2024 Layer Licensing Share IP Collaboration Trends in the Games Industry view
4th July 2024 GDN Releases Exclusive Discord Server for Network Members view
2nd July 2024 The 4 Winds Share Publishing Partnership with Rogue Duck Interactive view
1st July 2024 July 2024 Issue of our eMagazine view
Date Title Actions
19th June 2024 An Introduction to From the Void view
18th June 2024 Brian Richy Voice Overs Expands Video Game Portfolio view
18th June 2024 Pixile Studios Reveals Massive Free Expansion Coming to 'Super Animal Royale' view
14th June 2024 PQube Showcase Classic JRPG Homage with 'Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire' view
11th June 2024 Exciting New Membership Benefit: GDN Vodcasts view
5th June 2024 Big Games Machine Shine a Light on Game Discoverability with Latest Survey view
4th June 2024 UK Publisher Team17 Opt for VaultN as Technical Distribution Platform view
4th June 2024 Kyoobit Announce Official Launch and Showcase at the Fringe Festival view
3rd June 2024 June 2024 Issue of our eMagazine view
Date Title Actions
29th May 2024 Eggtart Win the 19th Gyeonggi Game Audition with 'METAL SUITS' view
29th May 2024 Sky Life Accountancy Reveal How to Develop a AAA Business Plan view
29th May 2024 Plus Localization Share Translation Project of New Survival Game 'Serum' view
28th May 2024 PQube Sets Sail with 'Republic of Pirates' on Steam & Epic Games view
28th May 2024 Aeternum Light Studio Develop Latest Space Faring RPG 'PROTONIC' view
28th May 2024 Bokensha Announce Successful Kickstarter Funding for 'Vindictive Drive 2' view
14th May 2024 VaultN Announce the Successful Closure of $1.6M in Seed Funding Round view
14th May 2024 PQube Announce Steam Release for 'The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication' view
10th May 2024 Multiscription Set to Launch 'Indie Game Monetisation Accelerator' Workshop view
9th May 2024 PQube Reveal Release of Romantic Fantasy Visual Novel 'Celestia: Chain of Fate' view
7th May 2024 PQube Release Early Access for Survival Title 'When the Light Dies' on Steam view
3rd May 2024 An Introduction to MadRooster Game Audio Lab view
3rd May 2024 WN Media Announce their Latest Event Coming to Istanbul June 11-12 view
2nd May 2024 PQube Share Romantic Visual Novel 'Genso Manège' Future Release view
1st May 2024 Welcome to the Fifth Edition of our Monthly eMagazine view
1st May 2024 Gametsugi Deliver Immersive & Engaging Gaming Experiences view
1st May 2024 PQube Announce the Launch of 'Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition' view
Date Title Actions
26th April 2024 Karma Play Share 'Old Skool Racer' Complete Release on Steam view
25th April 2024 PQube Release Free Demo for Upcoming Sci-Fi Boss Rush 'NanoApostle' view
23rd April 2024 Update from the GDN HQ! view
18th April 2024 PQube Publish Cyperbunk Roguelite 'ArcRunner' on Console view
16th April 2024 Platonic Partnership Deliver New Update for 'Voltage High Society' view
15th April 2024 PQube Announce Partnership with Joy Brick for 'Panzer Knights' Release view
12th April 2024 Starseed Forest Excited to Release 'The Eightfold Path' view
11th April 2024 PQube Revive 'Beyond the Ice Palace 2' for Multi-Platform Release view
8th April 2024 An Introduction to Aibell Game Localization view
8th April 2024 PQube Reveal 'Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition' Release view
5th April 2024 BadgerHammer Set to Release 'Dunk Dunk' - An Intergalactic Party Game view
4th April 2024 An Introduction to iLogos Game Studios view
3rd April 2024 PQube Publish 'The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication' for 2024 Release view
3rd April 2024 An Introduction to MLC (Magna Ludum Creatives) view
2nd April 2024 PQube Announce 'BUSTAFELLOWS' Surpassed 100,000 Copies Sold view
1st April 2024 Welcome to the Fourth Edition of our Monthly eMagazine view
Date Title Actions
26th March 2024 An Introduction to loclait view
25th March 2024 PQube Team Up with Opera House for Rhythm Game 'I*CHU: Chibi Edition' view
20th March 2024 An Introduction to WordKeepers view
19th March 2024 PQube Set to Release Latest Visual Novel for 'Memories Off' Series view
19th March 2024 An Introduction to Plus Localization view
16th March 2024 VaultN Recruit Industry Veterans Joe Kreiner and Quentin Staes-Polet view
14th March 2024 Pat Naoum Games Announces 'The Master’s Pupil' Coming to PS5 & Xbox view
12th March 2024 Exclusive Recruitment Section for Members view
7th March 2024 Robin Alter Joins VaultN as Chief Technology Officer view
5th March 2024 PQube Partner with MAGES for 'B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA' Release view
4th March 2024 WN Media Organise GenAI for Business Conference in San Francisco! view
1st March 2024 Welcome to the Third Edition of our Monthly eMagazine view
Date Title Actions
21st February 2024 The Power of Game Art Outsourcing with Geniuscrate view
20th February 2024 PQube Reveal 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies ' 2024 Release view
13th February 2024 Geniuscrate Develop In-House Indian Mythology Game 'Rage of Kaala' view
12th February 2024 Why GDN Welcomes Independent, AA & AAA Studios view
9th February 2024 An Introduction to Geniuscrate Games view
7th February 2024 PQube Publish Cozy Chemist RPG 'Potion Permit: Complete Edition' view
6th February 2024 An Introduction to Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios view
5th February 2024 PQube Announces Release of Cyberpunk Shooter 'ArcRunner' view
5th February 2024 A New Year, A New Start: Financial Foundations for Indie Game Studios view
1st February 2024 Welcome to the Second Edition of our Monthly eMagazine view
Date Title Actions
25th January 2024 PQube Team Up with 18Light for Sci-Fi Boss-Rush Game 'NanoApostle' view
25th January 2024 VaultN Welcomes Industry Veterans Claire Ralley and Adam Selcuk view
24th January 2024 An Introduction to WN Media Group view
12th January 2024 PQube Set to Release Latest Visual Novel for KONOSUBA view
11th January 2024 An Introduction to Nimrod Sound view
10th January 2024 DunDev 2024 Features 4 GDN Members view
3rd January 2024 Veale Associates Design Audio Facilities for Frontier Developments view
3rd January 2024 An Introduction to Dark Sandwich view
3rd January 2024 Welcome to the First Edition of our Monthly eMagazine view
2nd January 2024 The Vampire's Manor Debut Project: 'FOQUES' view
Date Title Actions
20th December 2023 An Introduction to K9 Digital view
20th December 2023 Celebrating our First 100 Members! view
19th December 2023 Dragon Scale Studios Invited to Attend DunDev 2024 view
14th December 2023 Hairy Heart Games Set to Launch Rallyallyally view
13th December 2023 Sketchbook Games Win Best Story Game in India for Google Play view
12th December 2023 An Introduction to Brian Richy Voice Overs view
6th December 2023 Marketing Initiatives and Promotion for our Members view
5th December 2023 GDN Receives Great Response at Launch view
Date Title Actions
22nd November 2023 Psyched Studios on Developing Retro Deckbuilder 'Star Deck' view
17th November 2023 ICHI Detail How AI is Reshaping the Gaming Landscape view
16th November 2023 GDN Interviewed by Game Daily view
8th November 2023 Studio X Labs Share Busy Year of Projects for 2024 Release view
7th November 2023 Co-Development Within The Game Industry view
3rd November 2023 PQube Partner with Crinkle Cut Games to Publish New Sim 'Discounty' view
3rd November 2023 Introducing GDN Founder, Rachel Crawford view
1st November 2023 eMagazine to be issued on 1 January 2024 view