About GDN

GDN is a powerful 24/7 hub for industry professionals to collaborate and communicate, find resources, share information, and promote business.

GDN was founded by Rachel Crawford who has been involved in the creation and management of global networking organisations for over 25 years and owns several networking companies with 665+ clients in 125+ countries.

To date, Rachel has hosted over 50 international networking events in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

She holds an ILM qualification in Leadership and Management, focused on innovation and change, and has been exploring alternative industries that would benefit from her networking business model.

About GDN

Through her research, Rachel discovered that co-development within the game industry has increased, largely due to the increasing complexity and resource demands of game development.

Using external partners can assist game development companies in overcoming resource limitations.

Through collaboration they can access high-skilled workers, cutting-edge technology, and advanced equipment, enabling them to expedite timelines and successfully meet project deadlines.

Another key benefit of being part of a networking organisation is its referral potential.

About GDN

Plus, we understand that recruiting in the game industry can be a competitive and expensive endeavour.

To help our members find the best talent, and to fill their open positions without the hassle of sifting through hundreds of unsuitable applicants, or paying exorbitant intro fees, we have created an easy-to-use Recruitment section.

Located in the Member Zone, this section allows our members to post job openings in their specific sectors, including animation, art, audio, code, design, quality assurance, and production - at no extra cost.

About GDN

Furthermore, our members benefit from our News & Game Showcase Service which is dedicated to promoting their company and achievements.

Upon request, we prepare an engaging online article which is then published in our news section and featured in our eMagazine.

We actively promote the article by posting on our fast-growing social media accounts (visit our Linktree), resulting in increased exposure and brand recognition.

This service is included in our Annual Fee and each article is conveniently linked to your profile page for added visibility.

About GDN

Rachel is supported at the GDN Studio in the UK by a strong group of talented individuals drawn from a variety of game, film, music, and media backgrounds.

The entire GDN team is dedicated to expanding the horizons of networking in the realm of game design and development.

Want to get in touch? Please use our Contact Form and we will make every effort to provide you with the assistance you need.

About GDN

We have received fantastic feedback from our launch. Please follow this link to read about how quickly we smashed through the first 350-member milestone and here are some super motivating comments from new GDN members ...

George Rowe, Senior Producer at AARDMAN says "It's often hard across LinkedIn or similar sites to filter out the noise, so something like GDN specifically targeted towards game industry professionals only seems like a great idea and something that can only benefit the industry."

About GDN

Andrei Buta, Game Designer, Fan Studio says “We're thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey! It's truly inspiring to see a young organization like GDN with such a dedicated and passionate team working towards creating a premier networking platform for video game developers. It's wonderful to know that GDN is committed to boosting promotion, facilitating knowledge sharing, and fostering trust among fellow game development companies, all of which contribute to the industry's growth. I am confident that our collaborative efforts will lead to significant achievements within the world of video game development."

Luke Maloney, Co-Founder/Studio Director, Dragon Scale Studios Ltd. says "We've found the biggest reason for how much success we've had in such a short amount of time is the networks we're a part of and the relationships we've formed. Plus, the press and marketing we would gain from being a GDN member would be amazing, as outreach and presence are something we're striving to build.”